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Undercover Mission ft. Ethan

Joe is an undercover cop who worked with the criminal Ethan to steal some strange batteries last night, which has given Joe enough evidence to finally convict him.


Joe and Ethan are sitting on a couch and Joe makes small talk before making his exit. All Joe has to do now is get back to the station, so he discretely puts some batteries in his bag with the rest of the evidence and gets up to leave.  However, as Joe approaches the door to leave, Ethan sighs and says “ It’s a shame it had to end this way”. Joe turns around to question what he means, only to see him pointing a gun straight at him, which Ethan fires immediately.


To Joe’s dis-belief he’s alive, but is now rapidly shrinking. Joe is now a tiny on the floor, Ethan walks over and picks him up and explains everything. “I know you’ve been a cop for a while now, I just wanted to see how far this would go. Luckily you helped me get these batteries, which allows this gun to shrink people, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now.”


Ethan walks back to the couch and sits, and then brings Joe right up to his mouth and shows it off a little “I can’t say I wanted to eat you, you were a good partner...But I can’t work with a traitor.”  Ethan licks him “You actually taste pretty good, I guess that will make eating you all the more enjoyable. I’m sorry I have to, but it’s the best way I can think of to destroy you and any evidence you have.” Ethan then closes his eyes and slowly brings Joe to his wide open mouth to swallow him.


But at the last moment  Joe slips free of the bag and falls down to the sofa. Though grateful to be alive yet again, Joe is not out of the woods yet. Joe’s first thought is to get the hell out of the apartment, so he books it to the front door. As he nears it, Joe turns around to see Ethan get up and come towards him, which terrifies Joe, But Ethan stops to go to the sink. Joe then realizes Ethan can't see him, he’s way too small, plus Ethan thinks he swallowed Joe already.  Which lets Joe also realize leaving the apartment like this is useless. Besides, Joe’s backpack has all of the evidence and a phone that could save his life, and right now it’s all inside of Ethan. So new plan, Joe makes his way to Ethan’s feet, and climbs aboard. Ethan then prepares a meal.  With his meal prepared, Ethan goes back to the couch, sits down and props his feet on the coffee table. 


Joe climbs up into the salad bowl, thinking he can just slip in with the food to retrieve the bag and then climb back up Ethan's throat.


After watching Ethan up close, with his giant teeth tearing through the food, Joe soon realizes that trying to get into Ethan’s mouth while he’s eating is way too dangerous, so he hops off of the fork and back onto the bowl’s rim. From there, Joe is able to climb up Ethan’s arm, across his shoulder and make his way to the top of the backrest of the couch, where Joe waits for Ethan to be done eating.


With Ethan now laying down post meal, Joe hopes down to the tired giant’s chest, which is perfect. With Ethan drowsy he shouldn’t notice Joe climbing on him, and with his stomach full of food, Joe should be able to survive in there long enough to find his backpack. Walking across Ethan’s chest, Joe makes his way to his neck and climbs up to Ethan’s mouth. His mouth is about half open, and Joe just stairs into the massive dark maw for a while as Ethan breaths in and out.


Joe finally gets the courage to go inside, but he still crawls in very slowly and cautiously. As he nears the back of Ethan’s throat, Joe finally finds his backpack in Ethan's stomach, and begins climbing up Ethan’s throat, which was made much easier with him laying down.


Joe climbs out of Ethan’s mouth onto his face where he can clearly see that Ethan is still asleep. So Joe crawls past Ethan’s mouth, down his neck and onto his chest to check his backpack. Some things are destroyed, but there is still plenty of evidence intact, as is the phone.  But then Ethan shifts a little in his sleep causing Joe to stop. Realizing this is not the most secure location, Joe starts packing everything back up, but before he can put his backpack on, Ethan wakes up and moves. This knocks Ethan down right past Ethan’s armpit back to the floor, with his backpack nowhere to be seen. Joe watches Ethan stand up and stretch, but swiftly jumps down back to Ethan’s feet. Ethan puts away his dishes, cleaning up a little, walking to his bedroom and climbing in bed, falling back asleep.


Seeing that Ethan isn’t moving again, Joe leaves his feet and starts searching Ethan's body for the backpack. He eventually notices the backpack stuck in Ethan’s armpit. Joe makes his way there and climbs up to get it, before getting stuck himself. After a bit of struggle, Joe becomes tired and looks up to notice Ethan’s hand slowly coming down on him. We see Ethan scratch his armpit as he does, he frees both Joe and the backpack. Joe swiftly puts on the backpack and gets away from Ethan who is still asleep. Joe climbs down from the bed and makes his way to the front door. 


Video contains aware, unaware, socks, vore, food & chewing and verbal.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 31:15 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Undercover Mission ft. Ethan

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