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Turner's Extended Interview

The entire interview with Turner, hear his unscripted answers to some macro questions.  Including situational questions.   Question list below.


Would you rather be tiny, or giant?


If you were 150 ft tall what would you do with your friends? Would you carry them with you? or something else?


Would you ever date a tiny person?


What would be your favourite thing to do as a giant?


If the person you hate was shrunk, how would you get rid of them?


If you found out you had the ability to shrink things, including living things.  Would you keep it a secret or would you go public. And Why?


If the person you were dating could shrink and wanted to, how would you feel about it, would you be okay with them doing it around you?


When you see bugs, do you avoid them or step on them, does your answer change between indoor and outdoor.


Scenario Question:  A percentage of the population has shrunken, to deal with this unexpected situation, the government is offering people a job to take care of some tiny people, in exchange you get the home of one of the people who have shrunk and you get a monthly stipend.  And all you have to do is take care of 20-30 little people.  Would you take the job?

Scenario Question:  In the future, a new medical option is available, instead of getting surgery or doing a bunch of test doctors can be shrunk down and can be swallowed to do the check ups or procedures.  Would you choose this option or prefer the older method.


Scenario Question:  It is found that by swallowing a tiny person, it kicks your metabolism into overdrive.  You get a six pack overnight, and you can eat whatever you want and it doesn’t cause you to gain weight or lose the muscles.  This effect lasts a year, after which you can do it again.  In addition, the tiny person wouldn’t be hurt; they would just pass through you.  Would you take up this offer, and would you do it every year?

Scenario Question:  You are alone in the locker room at a gym, and you spot a tiny person.  You suspect hes been trying to watch you.  What do you do to them?


Scenario Question:  For a school project you and your friend are teamed up.  One of you has to get shrunk down and swallowed by the other as part of the project, this wont hurt either of you, you’ll just be trapped in the other person for 48 hours.  Which would you choose, be the one swallowed or be the swallower?


Scenario Question:  You have randomly grown to 200’ tall, the military is on its way.  Do you stay and cooperate with the scientists testing you? Do you run and hide trying to get away from everyone.  Or Do you not cooperate and attack the military when it shows up.


Scenario Question: You are almost 100’ tall, you haven’t eaten in two days since growing but now you are too hungry.  Where do you go and what do you eat?


Scenario Question:  Someone breaks into your home and is trying to kill you, but miraculously at the last second they shrink to about a cm tall.   What do you do?


Scenario Question:  You’re at your best friends house, they tell you they have a surprise.  They grab a box from their closet and in it are dozens of tiny people.  You recognize some of them tiny people as being people who bullied you two in high school and had disappeared years ago.  Do you keep your friends secret, rat them out to the police, try and figure out why they did this, what do you do?


Follow up, your friend offers you a couple of them to keep/take home with you.  What do you do?


Scenario Question:  You discover about a dozen tiny people have been living in your house for the past month, they have overheard everything you’ve said and seen everything you've done.  What do you do?


Scenario Question:  You are offered a new job, Giant Cop.  To fight the city's crime problem you will be grown to 100’ tall and your job is to roam the city and stop crime.  People you would arrest would just be kept in your pocket.  When you are off shift, you would be returned to your normal size, and the criminals you arrested would be shrunk down with you.  To save money on jail space you would take the group of shrunken criminals home and keep them at your house until their sentence is up.  Would you take the job, and where would you keep the tiny criminals at your home?


What's the cruelest thing you could imagine doing to a tiny guy?


You are currently rampaging through a city as a 200ft tall giant and find the city railway station, what do you do?


If you were a giant and you saw someone picking on your younger sibling(s) what would you do and why?


What would you do if you had a village of tiny people living in your stomach?


Duration: 10:15 mins

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Turner's Extended Interview

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