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Tiny Shrunken Roommates: Trying to Get Help


A group of roommates shrink, just before their 5th roommate returns.  Jack is completely unaware that his roommates have shrunk.  The 4 tiny guys are spread out across the apartment.  As Jack walks in he almost steps on Tim, who chases after his giant friend trying to get his attention.  Over in the living room Peter watches as Jack sits down on the sofa, he climbs onto Jack's shoe trying to get his attention but he doesn't have the strength to keep climbing.  He gets taken for a ride when Jack walks to the bedroom.  Chris is on the bed and Jack doesn't see him, Jack nearly crushes tiny Chris with his phone, but he soon mistakes Chris for a bug and flicks him off the bed.  He falls to the floor.  Peter sees his friend fly through the air.


Jack takes off his shoes, causing Peter to fall to the floor right next to the giant white sock of his giant roommate.  As Jack walks off to the bathroom Chris can't get out of the way and gets stepped on becoming stuck like gum to the bottom of Jack's foot.  Jack comes back and puts his shoes back on, but in the process kicks Peter in the shoe with the pancaked Chris and the two are trapped in the giant shoe while Jack goes on a run.  Once back to the apartment Jack kicks off the shoes.  The two catch their breath and they realise they need to get off the floor, they make their way onto the table hoping to get seen.  But Jack never looks down so they decide to try and climb across his legs over to his lap.  As soon as they step onto his foot it starts to move, Jack gets up to go to the kitchen and the two hold on for dear life as they ride on top of his foot.  Once back to the living room they are brushed off his sock by his other foot.  They drop to the floor, and as they recover Jack pulls one of his socks down and sets his barefoot down on Chris pinning him to the floor.  Peter tries to help lift the giant toe off his roommate but it's no use!


How will they get Jack's attention and where are the other two tiny roommates?  Stay tuned for Episode 2 of Tiny Shrunken Roommates.


Video contains socks, shoes, vfx, audio effects, unaware.


Video contains 1st & 3rd person views.


Duration: 12:20 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Tiny Shrunken Roommates: Trying to Get Help

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