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Tiny Shrunken Roommates: Losing Hope

Chris and Peter manage to get unpinned and they take off running for cover, but Jack, completely unaware of his tiny shrunken roommates, is close behind them, his giant footsteps landing just behind them.  Everywhere they run Jack is right behind them.  Eventually Jack goes into the bathroom, the two have a moment to catch their breath.  But soon Jack steps out now in black socks again nearly stepping on them.  They finally decide to hide in Jack's shoe figuring he won't be putting them back on until tomorrow.


Jack is wondering where his roommates are so he decides to call Tim, he gets no answer because Tim is only a cm tall between his feet.  Tim tries climbing up on the sofa to get Jack's attention and narrowly avoids getting sat on.  He crawls up onto the arm of the chair to get in Jack's sight line, to no success.


Jack gets up and picks up his shoes, tippin it upright trapping Chris and Peter inside them.  He then makes his way to the kitchen.  Mark has been trapped on the counter this whole time.  With no way to get down he tries to get Jack's attention.  But Jack doesn't see him, so he decides to get up and close jumping onto Jack's cookie, but this turns out to be a grave mistake.  


With Mark swallowed, what will happen to the 3 remaining roommates, will their fate be the same as Mark?  Stay tuned for Episode 3 of Tiny Shrunken Roommates.


Video contains socks, shoes, vfx, audio effects, unaware, vore.


Video contains 1st & 3rd person views.


Duration: 12:10 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Tiny Shrunken Roommates: Losing Hope

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