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Tiny Shrunken Roommates: Coexisting

Having now learned about his shrunken friends, a couple weeks have passed and Jack talks about how things have been going, told through flashbacks.  How Tim couldn't seem to stay out of trouble winding up in his food, he is spotted just in time before getting swallowed.  Jack decides he needs a time out to learn his lesson, so he puts Tim in his mouth for a while as punishment.  


Jack decides that it's too dangerous to just let them roam around free so he decides to put them all in one of his shoes to keep them safe, but again Tim won't stay put.  So resigned, Jack now lets them run free but it's up to them to stay out of his way.  


After 2 months, Jack sits the group down for a chat.  He and his girlfriend have decided to move in together, the bad news for his tiny shrunken roommates is that he doesn't want them around when she moves in.  So he decides to play one last game with them.  He counts to 100 while they hide, and when he finds them he ends them.


He finds Tim first and swallows him alive.  He finds Chris next and squishes him under his socked foot.  Lastly he finds little Peter.  He gives Peter the choice to be swallowed or crushed.  Peter asks to be spared but Jack isn't interested.  Peter reluctantly chooses to get swallowed, but just before he's dropped in Jack's mouth he changes his mind.  Jack sets him down on the floor and stands up taking off his sock.  Peter watches as the giant barefoot comes down at him, but at the last second the giant foot lands just off to the side of him.  Peter looks up, Jack has had a change of heart, he's decided it's okay to keep one of his tiny roommates.  But he warns Peter that if his girlfriend ever finds out, he will swallow him right away.  Jack picks Peter up and puts him in his pocket.


Video contains socks, barefeet, vore, aware, visual effects, audio effects,  a little unaware.


Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 12:00 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Tiny Shrunken Roommates: Coexisting

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