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Tiny Doctor 2 ft. Carter

Carter needs another physical, but he's a little uneasy about how the last tiny doctor visit went.  But since he didn't want to leave his apartment he went ahead and scheduled another checkup.  A week later a tiny doctor Jay was mailed to him.


Carter receives his tiny doctor in the mail and after an introduction they get into the physical.  Checking his balance, taking some measurements, weighing him (the doctor again explains that Carter just has to step on him, he is pliable and by measuring the compression force they can calculate his weight.)  Carter offers the scale he has in the bathroom but the doctor insists.


He also has Carter breath in and out while the tiny doctor listens.  But he hears something off so he tells Carter to sniff him up so he can go inside and take a closer look at his lung.  Carter isn't sure but Dr. Jay insists.


After finding nothing wrong, he has Carter cough him back up.


Based on his medical history the doctor decides he should also check Carters stomach.  He does this by hanging onto a cord that Carter swallows, once hes done he will pull on it to signal for Carter to pull him up.  Carter is still worried because of what happened last time but Dr. Jay again insists.


But this time after being swallowed he gets pulled back up a couple minutes later totally fine.  He asks Carter to wash him off and then gets mailed back.


Video contains socks, feet, mouth, vore and talking. Visual and audio effects, green screen little guy.


Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 8:30 mins (+bonus clips!)


This is for your own viewing enjoyment, do not post elsewhere.

Tiny Doctor 2 ft. Carter

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