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Tiny Big Bro ft. Joey

Joey lives with his adopted older brother, but his older brother is part of a race of tiny people, billions of who live in the world among normal sized people.  But in this society most tiny people are treated with the same rights as ants.  Their father is no longer around but he made Joey committed to look out for, and protect his tiny big brother, but he does so reluctantly.


Joey comes home, with a handful of tiny people.  His tiny big bro protests begging Joey to leave them alone and set them free.  Joey complains but says if he can play with his brother he'd leave the other tiny people alone.  His brother begrudgingly agrees trying to protect his fellow tiny people.  But less than 30 seconds later Joey crushes one of them right in front of him.  His brother again complains but Joey doesn't really care he picks up his bro licking him and saying how good he tastes.  Joey says he won't eat him, he looks at the group of tiny people and picks one up, he pops the little guy in his mouth swallowing him.  He sets his brother on the floor to watch him deal with the rest of the tiny guests.  Stepping on them, sitting on them, crushing one in his armpit.  And then swallowing them, one by one.  Their tiny screams don't seem to faze him at all.  


He spots one last guy on the floor next to his brother, he picks him up and swallows him.  Before looking down to his brother as if everything was normal, asking, "so what do you want to do tonight?"


Video contains aware, socks, barefeet, vore, sit crushing, sound effects, and some verbal.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 11:00 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Tiny Big Bro ft. Joey

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