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The Virus Part 3

Part 3


Lukas friend knows he can't hide forever, but he has an idea.  He knows Luka will want to swallow him to cure himself from the virus.  But maybe he could find someone else for Luka to swallow.  


Skin contact with a tiny increases the speed of the Virus, digestion is the opposite, curing the virus.  His plan is to have Luka invite someone else over, he will sneak into there sock while Luka distracts hims infecting him with the virus so he shrinks, once shrunken Luka can swallow that person instead to cure himself and then Luka and his shrunken friend can go on with their lives.


He almost doesn't get to tell Luka his plan as Luka lowers him into his mouth to swallow, but just in time Luka pulls him back out and lifts him to his ear to hear the plan.


Luka is willing to try but warns that if the plan doesn't work he will swallow him.  In addition, since Luka has been exposed for a while to the virus because of his tiny friend, he is going to keep him inside his mouth.  The saliva interacting with the tiny will slow down the virus so Luka doesn't shrink before they can carry out the plan.


Luka texts some he knew from school telling him about his friend who got the virus.  But he tells him that he already swallowed him, inviting him over to hang out.


Once he agrees Luka lays down, but his tiny friend inside his mouth is worried about being swallowed in his sleep by accident, Luka tells him not to worry and lays down to sleep.


As he sleeps, Lukas giant tongue tosses his tiny friend around in his mouth.


Near morning Luka accidentally spits him out on the floor while he is sleeping.  As he wakes up he steps on his tiny friend causing him to get stuck to his socked foot.  Luka goes to the bathroom to check his mouth looking for his tiny friend, but is worried when he can't find him.


He feels something under his foot and lifts it away to find him, he tells him off for leaving his mouth and then puts him on the floor by the kitchen as he gets ready for the other guy to come over.


The other guy comes over and they both sit down on the sofa.  Lukas tiny friend makes his way over to the other guy's feet while Luka distracts him.  He is small enough to slide through the fiber mesh of the sock, to speed up the process he bites the other guy's giant foot to make the Virus spread faster.


Luka and the other guy both stand up but the other guy starts to shrink, as Luka towers over him.  He has no time to react before Luka picks him up and taunts him before swallowing him whole.


Now cured Luka picks up his tiny friend lifting him over to the sofa and sets him down asking him what show they should watch.


Luka looks down at his stomach feeling the tiny guy inside being digested to cure him of The Virus.


Video contains socks, shoes, unaware, vore, lots of mouthplay, VFX and audio effects, green screen little guy.


Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 12:50 mins (+2 mins bonus clips!)


This is for your own viewing enjoyment, do not post elsewhere.

The Virus Part 3

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