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The Virus Part 2

Part 2


Last we saw Lukas friend he had come down with the shrinking virus and had been stepped on by Luka, he is momentarily stuck to the bottom of his foot while Luka moves over to the sofa.


Once there he does manage to free himself sitting on the floor between Lukas giant feet as he catches his breath.


Luka, still unaware of his presence, gets up and goes to the kitchen to get himself some cereal.  He returns to the sofa and opens up the bag of cereal but in the process accidentally spills some on the floor.  The giant colorful pieces rain down on his tiny friend.  Luka reaches down to pick them up and in the process unknowingly picks up his shrunken friend depositing him and the cereal pieces into the bowl. 


He finished dumping the cereal into the bowl not seeing his tiny friend mixed into his food.


Luka takes bite after bite getting closer to his tiny friend never the wiser.  Eventually his tiny friend's luck runs out and is taken in with a spoonful into the darkness of Lukas mouth.  


As Luka chews he feels something off and picks at his teeth, we know its his tiny friend but Luka has no idea.  He makes his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth towering shirtless over the sink.


With a mixer of spit and toothpaste Lukas' friend is spat into the sink.


Luka leaves the bathroom and his tiny friend manages to climb out of the sink and back down to the floor.  As he emerges from the bathroom he overhears Luka on the phone.  Luka has pieced together that his friend must have the shrinking virus.  But to his dismay he hears that Luka plans to find him and swallow and digest him as a cure for himself to never shrink.


Luka sets out searching the apartment and his tiny friend can only hide hoping now to not be found.  Eventually Luka gets tired of searching and standing in the center of the apartment declares he knows his tiny friend is there someone and demands he comes out of hiding to be swallowed.  And that if he doesn't and he has to keep looking he will make it so much worse for his tiny friend.  Better to be swallowed by him then to be accidentally crushed under his foot.


Will Lukas friend come out of hiding? Is there any way for him to not get swallowed? Or is there a more complicated plan he could cook up?  Find out in Part 3 of The Virus



Video contains barefeet, shoes, unaware, vore. VFX and audio effects, green screen little guy.


Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 12:00 mins (+bonus clips!)


This is for your own viewing enjoyment, do not post elsewhere.

The Virus Part 2

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