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The Virus Part 1

Part 1


In a world not so different from our own, a mysterious and unprecedented crisis has unfolded, plunging humanity into the depths of an unimaginable and perilous reality. A virus, silent and insidious, has emerged with the power to defy the very fabric of human existence. Without warning or discernible pattern, individuals across the globe are shrinking down to proportions that defy belief, diminishing to the size of mere insects.


As an interim solution, a peculiar remedy has surfaced: the only known cure is to consume someone who has already fallen victim to the microscopic virus. In a macabre twist of fate, individuals now grapple with the ethical and moral complexities of resorting to such drastic measures for their own survival.


Luka’s friend has contracted the virus and has shrunken down to the size of a bug, helpless in this now giant world.


Luka comes home, and his now tiny friend tries to get his attention.


Luka nearly steps on his now infected tiny friend, multiple times.  His tiny friend climbs onto his foot trying to get his attention but gets taken for a ride around the apartment holding onto his giant socked foot for dear life.


Luka eventually sits down again kicking his feet up on a chair, his tiny friend takes the opportunity to walk across his leg towards his lap, but he falls and lands inside one of Lukas giant shoes, before he can climb out Luka puts his shoes on trapping his friend under his foot inside his shoe.


Luka goes to the gym with him still in his shoe.  When Luka comes back his tiny friend has become stuck to the bottom of his foot.  Eventually his tiny friend peels himself off his giant foot, and back down to the floor.


Luka gets up and takes off his shirt to get into bed.  While he sleeps his tiny friend climbs up into the bed to try and get his attention but multiple times he fails to get close enough to get his attention.


Luka gets out of bed, unknowingly stepping on his friend and walking over to the table.  Still trying to get to Luka for help, the tiny friend follows him over.  Luka takes off his socks dropping one accidentally right on top of his tiny friend.    


His tiny friend climbs out from under the sock only to be then stepped on by Lukas foot!


Will Luka ever find his tiny friend?  If Luka does find him what will he do?  See what happens next in Part 2.



Video contains socks, shoes, unaware, exploration. VFX and audio effects, green screen little guy.


Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 17:00 mins (+bonus clips!)


This is for your own viewing enjoyment, do not post elsewhere.

The Virus Part 1

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