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The Blind Date Ft. Carter

You went on a blind date with Carter, you have a drink back at his place.  However this was all just a setup to slip a shrinking serum in your drink.  He has a dark secret that he likes to relieve stress by taking it out on tiny shrunken people.  You run for the door but its too late by time you reach it you are no more than a centimeter tall.  He picks you up and tells you about his plan.  He puts you in his shoe, but he soon gets board of you and decides its time to eat you, before swallowing you he tastes you. 


Video contains shoes, socks, mouthplay, vore and talking. Special effects, green screen little guy.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 7:20 mins (+bonus clips!)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

The Blind Date Ft. Carter

  • Video License Details

    Purchase of this video is for personal use only.  Reposting, uploading or copying this video is prohibited.


    Download is a PDF file with the link for an MP4 video download.

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