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Shrunken Best Friend - Ep.5

In the series finale of The Shrunken Best Friend.


After swallowing his shrunken best friend, fulfilling his tiny last wish, Jackson laid down for a nap.  But inside his stomach, Evan isn't getting digested, instead the stomach acid appears to have cured his symptoms, he will no long die.  So he moves around in Jacksons stomach trying to create an air bubble to force himself up.  After a little trying he flies up and out Jacksons mouth while his big friend is still sleeping.


He falls to the floor as Jackson wakes up.  He tries to think of what to say to his friend who he sure will be excited to see him.  But as Jackson gets up he's still not feeling well so he goes to the doctor.


When he gets back home Evan gets in position to surprise his friend.  But before he can Jackson gets a call from his doctor.  His doctor tells him that he has somehow contracted the shrinking diseases.  But his is an even rarer form, being non-genetic there is a cure.  The doctor breaks the news that the cure is, well, to swallow and digest someone with the genetic form of the disease.  


Evan doesn't know this and continues with his plan to surprise his friend.  Jackson is relieved to see him, because now he has a cure for himself.  But Evans attitude has changed, since he's cured he wants to live a full life not get swallowed.  


Jackson starts to get upset, that his friend who just yesterday was begging him to swallow him, now wont do it, even if it means saving Jackson life.  Eventually Jackson no longer is asking.  He sets Evan down on the floor demonstrating how tiny he is.  Evan makes a run for it.  Jackson is mildly amused, he slowly chases after his shrunken best friend.  But soon he blocks Evan's path with his foot and picks him up.  And with a few final words he swallows his little friend whole, but this time it's for good.


Video contains hand holding special effects and sound effects, aware and unaware, socks, and vore.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 9:20 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Shrunken Best Friend - Ep.5

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