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Shrunken Best Friend - Ep.3

Evan is currently stuck in Jackson's teeth.  Jackson feels something but thinks its just some food, so he heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth.  He brushes his teeth unaware his friend is stuck in his mouth.  After brushing he spits his shrunken best friend into the sink.  Before he can be washed down the drain Evan climbs out.  He chases after Jackson into his bedroom.  Jackson is asleep by time Evan reaches the bed, he carefully walks across the bed trying to wake up his giant best friend but is still unsuccessful.  Jackson moves in his sleep grabbing Evan and dragging him onto his chest, leaving his hand on top of him.


When Jackson wakes up Evan sticks to his hand while he stretches but then falls back down to the bed.  Jackson rolls over him to get out of the bed and walks out.


When Evan catches up to him, he hears Jackson on the phone.  It sounds like Jackson thinks Evan has shrunk because of his genetics, and hes worried about him.  Jackson starts searching the floor, Evan wants to be found but is worried about being squished, so he keeps his distance.


Eventually Jackson thinks he found him but it turns out to just be a bug and he crushes it.  When Jackson goes back to the sofa, he bends down to itch his foot when he spots tiny Evan right next to his giant foot.


What will Jackson do now that he has found his tiny shrunken friend, stay tuned for Episode 4.


Video contains socks, barefeet, and mouthplay special effects and sound effects, primarily unaware.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 12:00 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Shrunken Best Friend - Ep.3

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