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Shrunken Best Friend - Ep.2

Evan peals himself off the floor after being stepped on.  He runs away to avoid being stepped on again but it is in vain.  Jackson black sock drops on him, squishing him flat again.  But this time Evan gets stuck to the bottom of Jackson sock.  Jackson put on his shoes, with his little friend stuck to the bottom of his foot.  And he heads outside for a run.  


Once back in the house, Jackson takes his shoes off.  Evan remains stuck for a couple seconds until he drops to the floor.  Jackson takes his socks off and heads for the kitchen.  Desperate to get his friends attention Evan follows, but soon finds himself dodging being stepped on yet again.  On the floor he looks up trying desperately to get Jacksons attention only to see cereal start to rain down on him.  None hit him but he is soon swept up with the cereal into Jacksons hand and then dumped into the bowl his friend is about to eat.  


Jackson takes bite after bite completely unaware of the danger his friend is in.  Evan misses the first couple spoonfuls but isn't so lucky on the third.


He is lifted into the air and into his friends mouth.  He thinks this is it, but by some miracle manages to avoid being chewed up.  But he does become stuck in Jacksons teeth.


How will Evan get his friends attention and get out of his best friends mouth, stay tuned for Episode 3.


Video contains socks, shoes, barefeet, and vore (no swallowing) special effects and sound effects.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 11:05 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Shrunken Best Friend - Ep.2

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