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Portals - Episode 5


Episode Five (Finale)


In the Finale, the portal remotes have been broken and are firing without warning, hoping Mark and Alex to different worlds at random.  The portal into Carter's apartment, he spots the flash of light and investigates, the two run, but don't stand a chance of out running Carter.  Alex being smaller runs off as Carter picks up Mark.  Carter licks his lips but just as he is about to drop Mark in his mouth, both he and Alex portal out.


Alex finds he has portaled to a construction site, and narrowly avoids being squished.

Mark finds himself shrunk at the foot of the boot of a worker outside.

Alex then portal jumps to a baseball game, hanging onto a fans shoe lace for dear life.

He portals out just as his grip is failing, finding himself on the floor of Jame's apartment, between his giant socked feet.  Unfortunately for him James spots him and picks him up tossing Alex into his mouth.


James tosses and turns the little guy in his mouth, Alex is praying for the portal to jump.  Just before James swallows Alex portals out of James mouth.


He joins up with Mark, both shrunken around a group of guys' shoes, unaware they are down there.  Soon after they both portal into Luke's apartment.  They run and hide, but Luke walks over to the table they were hiding at.


The two split up, Mark stays on the table while Alex walks over to the sofa.  On his way Alex gets hit by Luke's giant barefoot.  He takes a close look before climbing up the sofa.  Meanwhile Mark is spotted by Luke and gets picked up, Luke plays around with him in his hand (POV), just as hes about to squish Mark between his hands Mark portals out.  Alex makes a running jump to try and grab onto Luke but he misses, lucky for him a portal opens up below him and he falls through.


This time the two portal into Australia, where they are gigantic, and the two start fighting.  But they soon portal jump again, Mark is still a giant but in London.


With one more portal jump the tables have turned again, Alex is now a giant in a downtown city and Mark is a mere 6' tall in the middle of the street.  Alex spots him and crushes him under his giant shoe.  With Mark finally gone Alex decides to have fun, bending down he picks up a little guy and lifts him up, finally getting a chance to swallow someone.   But the victory is short-lived when he portal jumps back to Luke's apartment, where he is tiny again and on Luke's pizza.  Alex doesn't have long to live from there.



This series is made in partnership with Giant & Tiny Feet, episode 2 and 4 will only be available at  Thank you for watching!


Video contains shoes, socks, barefeet, unaware, aware, visual effects, audio effects, vore, mouthplay, giants, shrinking, crushing, hand play.


Also includes appearances from Carter, James, and Luke, and more.



Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 9:50 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Portals - Episode 5

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