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Poor Life of A Shrunken Brother ft. Brent

Brent comes home from working out, he's on the phone with one of his friends.  Brents telling him about how he has his little brother trapped in his armpit.  All of Brent's friends want a chance to mess with his little brother, Brent has a list going on the fridge for who gets him next.  He hangs up the phone and pulls his little brother out of his armpit, dropping him on the floor.  "Thanks for volunteering to clean my shoes he says" teasing his brother, then he repeatedly steps on him.  


After that he picks him up and goes over to the sofa, setting him down on the sofa, he stands over him and then sits on him.  He does this a couple times then tries to get comfortable while mashing him into the sofa.  He leans to the side and rips a fart on his little brother.


After keeping him trapped under him for a while he pulls him out and says "my feet require your attention" Brent sets him down on the floor and kicks off his shoes.  Despite his little brothers screams he repeatedly stomps on him.  He moves him up onto the coffee table and continues while taunting him.


Brent has an idea, he takes off his sock and grabs some tape and tapes his little brother to his heel, slapping him into it, his foot is so sweaty the tape hardly sticks.  but it holds well enough for Brent to put his sock back on with his little brother still taped to his heel.


"Might as well go for a run" he says after saying he'll leave him there for a week or so before handing him over to his friends.


Video contains socks, shoes, barefeet aware, butt crush, audio effects, model little people, verbal.


Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 11:45 mins(+bonus clips)


This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Poor Life of A Shrunken Brother ft. Brent

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