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Micro Production Ep.3

Episode 3:


The tiny people are hiding from Jackson, they are protesting the best they can since he decided to swallow one of them for money during the live video.  They did manage to save their friend from Jacksons stomach before he was digested but the experience was obviously traumatizing.


Jackson searches the house as they hide under counters, tables, and curtains.  Scared to death of making another video.  But eventually he finds them, he sets them down on the table to discuss the situation.


It's been a month and they haven't made any new videos and the bills are starting to stack up.  But the tiny people stand their ground refusing to make new videos.  Jackson thinks for a moment then grabs a cup from the kitchen dropping it over them, trapping them.  If they don't want to make videos it doesn't matter any more because Jackson can still make them, now they just won't be acting as he steps on, chases and sits on them.  But the unscripted taunting of the tiny people proves devastating for them, one gets crushed in a spatter of blood under his barefoot, and another gets trapped in his glass and swallowed with a wave of water, not to be saved from his stomach this time.


Now leaving only one.  Jackson offers an apology for everything that has happened but the last tiny person can't forgive him after watching his only friends be eliminated by Jackson.


"that's too bad" Jackson says revelieving he got his job back so they no longer need to make videos, but since the tiny guy can't forgive him it turns out the offer to buy the little guy still stands so Jackson drops him in a used sock to ship him off to the buyer.


Video contains aware, socks, barefeet, shoes, vore, sit crushing, VFX (green screen tiny people), audio effects.


Video contains 1st & 3rd person.


Duration: 13:30 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Micro Production Ep.3

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