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Micro Production Ep.2

Episode 2:


Jackson has launched his new website, selling videos of him being a giant to his three new tiny roommates.  We catch them mid filming as he chases one of them in slow motion around the house in his socks, his giant feet landing right behind the tiny guy.  Jackson only pauses his chase to take off his socks and continue after the little guy, chasing him into the bathroom with no escape.  He raises his foot over the little guy and says "lights out bug!" letting his barefoot down on him.


"And Cut" they stop filming, and Jackson picks up the little guy bringing him back to the living room table to join the others.  He has gathered them to pitch them an idea.


He had received a message on the site requesting a live video from the group.  This makes the little guys a little nervous, they like not living on the streets and getting regular meals but after making so many videos they don't like being constantly stepped on or dangled over Jacksons mouth.


But Jackson pushes that it's a lot of money and it might mean they could get a new place,  two of them are not fully on board but the third agrees to it.  Jackson is all excited for filming the live video that night.


The customer logs in and messages Jackson what to do, instructing him to put one of them in his mouth.  Jackson lifts him up chomping his teeth at the little guy, playing it up for the camera.  Eventually dropping him into his mouth.  The customer asks to see the little guy being tossed around inside his mouth and Jackson moves the camera in close for him to see the helpless little guy on his tongue.


The customer then tells him to put the others in his shoes, and then put them on.  Jackson does as told without question, even with the nervous wines of the two littles.  They are squeezed tight in his shoes with his black socked feet.  The customer tells him to move his feet closer so he can hear their squirming screams.  Jackson wiggles his toes in his shoes to get a reaction, he chuckles a little commenting that it tickles.  


The little guy in his mouth who has been there the whole time is starting to get uncomfortable.  Under his breath Jackson tells him to shut up, the customer overhears and asks what's up.  Trying to play it off Jackson says the little guy is just begging not to get swallowed.  This interested the customer and he tells Jackson to swallow him.  Jackson pauses, he had put them in his mouth and most parts of his body before but never swallowed them.  That could very easily be fatal, letting him get digested in his stomach.


But the customer messages again offering $10,000 if he does it.  Jackson sees the dollar sign and without much thought swallows the tiny guy.  


The customer messages asking questions about how he tastes and what it feels like, Jackson is a little unnerved that he just swallowed a person alive, but he continues to answer the customers questions.


Finally the customer is satisfied and logs off.  As soon as he does, Jackson races to grab one of the other tiny guys from his shoe, he knows they are mad but his only chance to save the one he swallowed is to send another one down on a wire to retrieve him.


Jackson quickly swallows another of the tiny guys lucky he is able to retrieve him.  Jackson is happy to see he got the money and didn't have to digest one of his roommates.  But the tiny guys aren't in a good mood.  They gave him the cold shoulder, as one of them had almost been disintegrated inside his body.


Jackson sets them down on the floor between his feet and walks off, knowing they'll need some time alone to forgive him.


What will become of the site after this, will the tiny guys ever forgive Jackson?  Stay tuned for Episode 3 to find out! 


Video contains aware, socks, barefeet, shoes, gentle giant, vore, mouthplay, VFX (green screen tiny people), audio effects.


Video contains 1st & 3rd person.


Duration: 15 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Micro Production Ep.2

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