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Micro Production Ep. 1

Episode 1:


Jackson has moved to a new city, with a new job.  On his way home from work one day he spots something moving on the sidewalk.  He bends down to investigate, it doesn't look like any bug he has ever seen.  To his surprise it is a tiny little human person.  He picks him up, depositing him in his pocket to take him home.  


He finds out from talking to the little guy that he isn't the only one, he has a couple friend also living in that bush.  Jackson decides to invite them to live with him.  The two others are a little hesitant but agree to come.  Jackson didn't have any friends in this new city so he welcomed the company.


But soon after he gets a call that he has been let go, he now is in a new city with no money and several months left on his lease which he can no longer afford.


He stays up late looking for jobs when he stumbles across a website about tiny people and giants.  He finds videos of tiny people interacting with giants.  But on the site he finds nothing about tiny people actually existing, all of the video and pictures are just edited, with camera tricks.  No one on the site seems to know that tiny people actually exist.  


Jackson sees videos being sold online of these interactions and he gets the idea, What kind of content could he produce with actual real life tiny people.


The next day he presents his idea to his tiny friends, the two concerned from before want nothing to do with it, they rather be forced back onto the street to try and survive on their own.  Jackson being well intentioned didn't want to hold them against their will so he picks them up and brings them to the door.  They pause at the door looking back up at him and remember the terrible time of living alone outside.  


Again they reluctantly agree, Jackson picks them back up, and they get to work filming videos, with a montage of clips of Jackson being a giant to each of them.  And thus their new site was born.


How long can they keep the site going and what will become of their relationship as Jackson starts to weigh the money he is making over the feelings and safety of his tiny friends.


Video contains aware, socks, shoes, gentle giant, vore tease, VFX (green screen tiny people), audio effects, and voice over narration by Jackson.


Video contains 1st & 3rd person.


Duration: 8:20 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Micro Production Ep. 1

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