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Luka Finds You POV

You are shrunken on Luka's floor as he comes home.  But he doesn't see you as he steps right past you to sit down on the sofa.  You stand frozen in awe of the giant guy in front of you.  Not moving as he paces around you listening to his voicemail messages.  You narrowly avoid being crushed by his giant sneakers.  Soon he sits back down getting more comfortable and kicks off his shoes exposing his giant socked feet.


Again you look on no point in running, he's so big there probably isn't anywhere in the apartment that is safe to hide from him.  All the while Luka is completely unaware you are there just relaxing checking his phone he gets up to stretch his legs not knowing that with each step he is inches away from crushing you under his feet.


He's been wearing the socks all day so they are sweaty enough that he decides to take them off too exposing his barefeet.  His giant toes wiggle inches from your face.  When he lightly taps his foot it makes you think of a car being dropped on your head.  His body towering what feels like 100' overhead.


But eventually he spots you out of the corner of his eye and he leans in, curious at first.  He tries asking you how you got there, but you are so small that even lifting you up to his ear you are too tiny to be heard.  He muzes stepping on you, how no one would even know, and without much more thought he goes ahead and steps on you.  But to both of your surprises you are still alive.  So now he thinks, What to do with you.  He decides he'd like to taste you so picks you up and gives you a big lick.  But he isn't interested, it turns out you just taste like his foot.


So instead he decides to keep you, he's going to the gym, and you are coming with, inside his sneaker.  He pulls the sweaty socks back on and drops you in his shoe and with a wave he seals you in under his socked foot.


Video contains mostly unaware with some aware, socks, shoes, barefeet, some verbal.


Video contains 1st person (POV) view only.


Duration: 9:40 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Luka Finds You POV

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