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Jordan's Unaware Adventure

Jordan is just waking up on his day off, unaware there are a bunch of people shrunken around his apartment. One of the tinys climbs up into his bed while he sleeps, as he gets closer to his head he gets knocked to the floor by Jordan moving in his sleep. He doesnt last long as Jordan gets up and as he stretches, he crushes the little guy under his foot.


On his way to the bathroom, he crushes another poor little guy. In the bathroom one unfortunate guy has found himself trapped in the bowl of the sink unable to climb out. He can only wait knowing soon he will be washed down the drain.Another little guy on the floor trying to find purpose in his new found life tries wiping Jordan's feet clean, but soon has to run to avoid being crushed.


Jordan heads to the living room where he sits on a little guy who made the mistake of thinking he could sit on the giant's sofa. Another floor level tiny gets crushed after Jordan reaches down to scratch his foot and smushes him.He kicks his feet up on the coffee table to watch TV, nearly crushing another tiny. But this tiny guy is hoping to be found and saved by the giant so he climbs up his foot and crawls across his leg to get to him. But Jordan mistakes him for a bug and ficks him so hard the impact ends him.


Jordan goes to the kitchen for water, crushing another tiny. Jordan isn't aware that there is a tiny person in the glass he takes out of the cupboard.He fills it with water and the tiny sinks to the bottom briefly before being swallowed alive with the current of water running into his giant mouth. Jordan is completely unaware of the mayhem he is causing.


He makes his way back to his room to get dressed, crushing two more tinys on the way.


Once dressed he spots something moving on the floor thinking its another bug he crushes the last tiny person.


Video contains unaware, barefeet, sit crushing, vore, crushing. Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 8:00 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Jordan's Unaware Adventure

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