Invasion of LA


Unfortunately this videos was going to be scraped due to the footage being not lit or set correctly.  That said due to several emails and messages requesting the video, we did what we could with the footage.  The green screen effects are not up to the standard we would like.  Price reduced to reflect the quality.  The first half of the video includes edited giant clips (walking around LA picking up and eating people, looking at the tiny people and stepping on cars)  The second half is behind the scenes clips from the shoot and unedited greenscreen clips.  For those who were requesting white socks those are in this video.  If you have any questions please email before purchasing.  The technical aspect is being fixed/upgraded so the next giant SFX video will look much better. 


Includes some shoes, white socks, barefeet, and very minor amounts of hand picking up, and vore.  Green screened/rotoscoped giant effect, no sound edit.  (Sorry no talking in this one)  See photos for reference.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 7 mins (Minor Edited SFX)

                9 mins (Unedited Clips)

                16 mins total

Invasion of LA

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