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Giants Attacks 2

Giants Attack 2 ft. Brent, Will, and Luka


We start off in Hawaii where we find Brent, who is already over 100 feet tall.  He is standing on the coast looking down at a tiny man in a small row boat, he lifts his giant foot into the air causing a dark shadow to form over the tiny man.  With a titlewave impact his foot slams into the tiny man crushing him instantly.  A man watches from the shore terrified only to be soon spotted by Brent.  There is nowhere to run as Brent's giant sneakers stomp towards him and the toe of his shoe pushes the man to the ground breaking his legs.  But he isn't in pain for long as Brent moves his foot to finish him off.


Brent moves up the cost stumbling upon a few tourists.  He picks one up against their will, holding them in his hand he clenches his fist crushing the tiny man into a splatter of blood.


Military forces start to attack, a fighter jet swoops in and fires a missile.  Brent is busy having fun being a giant though, lifting his foot over another tiny tourist and slamming it down while he screams.


The missle explodes against Brent's chest, but it has almost no impact, ground forces swing in, and open fire from small arms and a tank, again having little effect.


He kicks one of the little soldiers turning him into a pool of blood on impact.  The fighter jets make another pass and he knocks on out of the sky.  And he grabs an attack helicopter, lifting it up to his face looking at the tiny pilots inside.  He drops it to the ground just as another fighter jet swoops in.  Brent opens his mouth and the fighter jet flies right in exploding on his tongue, Brent just swallows what remains of the pilot and his jet.


He continues to grow getting bigger and bigger and heads for downtown.  Another missle strikes him in the back this time causing him to lose his balance a tiny man hiking in the woods looks up to see his giant ass coming towards him crushing him and a chunk of the forest.  The jets chase after him.  Chaos ensues as beach goers run and scream, people are crushed, cop cars are just toys to him.  He picks up a tv cameraman who is reporting on the scene, bringing him close to his giant eye.


Another attack helicopter swoops into attack but Brent corners the little chopper with his hands and crushes it and its pilots in between his hands.


Meanwhile on Hawaii's big island we find giant Will, towering over the mountain.  Looking down at the tiny people, the ground creaking under his weight.  He reaches over the visitor center picking up a tiny person and dropping them in his mouth.  Hikers run to get aways.  Will picks up another holding them in front of his mouth while he teases them with his tongue, before swallowing them alive.  With most of the forces dealing with Brent there are only a few soldiers to laydown fire against the giant, but their bullets have no effect against Will.



Finally over in the Caribbean, we find Luka, who has just started to grow, even with the curve of the Earth you can see Brent off in the distance as the Caribbean gets their own giant to deal with.  Luka smirks looking down at the tiny people below him and he starts to stomp them with his giant Nikes.  Enjoying the destruction he is causing.


As he grows he picks up people, sometimes crushing them in his hand, eating some of them, and one he decides to just throw.  The tiny man flies a couple miles before crashing into the road becoming just a pool of blood.


One of the tiny guys Luka eats we follow him down his throat and watch as he splashes into his stomach before it starts to churn as they begin to get digested.


Luka heads to the beach and finds a lone little guy and he decides to drop him into his shoe, we watch from multiple angles as the little guy becomes a new permanent insole in Lukas Nikes.


Luka continues to stomp down the coast, when one tiny brave soldier decides to open fire on him.  The bullets just bounce off his socked feet, but Luka still turns to tap his giant foot next to the tiny man who makes a quick retreat.


But he isn't that lucky, and nor are the people around him and Luka stomps with his smelly socks crushing dozens more people and knocking down a historic water tower.


Making his way downtown he looks for a place to sit, sizing up an office building, but when he goes to sit on it, the building crumbles under his weight and dozens are crushed under his giant butt.


Luka continues to rampage, eating, crushing, kicking over buildings until he starts to grow again.  Getting bigger and bigger under his head looms over the sky and he floats into space, growing much larger than the planet.  And in the vacuum of space his giant hands from around the earth, and slam together cruising all of mankind between his giant palms.


Video contains shoes, socks, aware, vore, hand crushing, butt crushing, audio effects, and LOTS of visual effects.

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 15:00 mins (+uncut pov clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Giants Attacks 2

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