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Giants Attacks

Giants Attack ft. Alex, Max, and Carter


We start off downtown where we find Alex, who starts to grow rapidly.  Soon he is as tall as some nearby skyscrapers, towering over some smaller apartment buildings.  Screams of terror erupt, as he walks down the road crushing a car without really noticing.  He bends down to pick up another one.  But this one has people in it.  He lifts it up to his face, looking at the toy sized car.  The car honks scared for their lives, but Alex doesn't seem too concerned and he drops the car in his mouth, he chews it up crushing the car between his giant teeth and then swallows it.


He walks around and grabs another car he picks up and drives it over his shoes like it's a toy.  The people inside are powerless to do anything.  Once he reaches the opening of his shoe he drops the car in.  The car has nowhere to go; they can only watch as his socked foot lifts into the air and slowly descends into the shoe crushing them.


Now Alex is having fun.  He picks up a tiny man placing him in the palm of his hand he slams his hands together with so much force the man is crushed instantly.


He picks up another little man, lifting him up to his head.  He kicks off his other shoe, also picking it up.  And he slowly puts the tiny man into his giant shoe.



We cut over to Coastal City.  Where Max grows up to about 12' tall while he's crossing the street.  A man just stares not believing his eyes, but this turns out to be a mistake when Max starts to grow again shooting up past even the tallest skyscrapers.


People in central park run to avoid his giant socked feet, but they are squished with ease.  Max stomps around crushing people and causing destruction.  He picks up a little guy only to drop him from about 1000' in the air only to then crush what's left of him under his foot.  Max bends down and picks up another person and deposits them into his mouth, swallowing them alive.


We cut over to mega city, where Carter has just grown to several hundred feet tall.  He looks down at the small city below him.  He stomps his feet, people scream and run for cover.  One man isn't so lucky and the giant boot crushes down on him spraying blood on the camera.


Carter picks up a bus and breaks it in half, and then starts to shake it over his open mouth, dumping the tiny screaming people into his mouth.


He moves over to a park, trapping people as they try and run a way he quickly steps on them.  He picks up one of them, he's so tiny it's almost impossible to see him.  Carter flicks the little guy and then puts him in his mouth swallowing him.


Someone tries to throw a rock at him, it has almost no effect but Carter still lifts his foot and crushes the tiny guy for trying to fight back.


Carter starts to grow again shooting up far past the tops of all the buildings towering over the tiny city below him, but he just keeps growing.


He grows so big he is now floating in space as he keeps growing bigger and bigger the Earth now significantly smaller than him.


Now floating alone in space, the earth is smaller than an apple compared to him.  He slowly closes his hands around the tiny planet and squeezes BOOM!, with an explosion Earth is crushed between his giant hands.


Video contains shoes, socks, boots, aware, vore, hand crushing, audio effects, and visual effects.


(note a couple of Max's shots were shot on an old green screen, and don't look as good as the others)

Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.

Duration: 10:00 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Giants Attacks

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    Purchase of this video is for personal use only.  Reposting, uploading or copying this video is prohibited.


    Download is a PDF file with the link for an MP4 video download.

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