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Giant Tyler Complete Set

***This collection is from a scrapped shoot.  All of the videos have been rolled into one package.  Audio is spotty in places to cut out random talking,  price reduced package deal.***

Tyler rents a hotel room to have some fun with people he has shurnken off the street.  Pacing around before he repeatedly crushes a tiny man, with his shoes, socks, and bare feet.  

Tyler then has a snack of gummy people eating dozens of them.  Also included are some clips of tiny people being eaten as well.

In the third part of the video Tyler relaxes on the bed watching TV while you are shrunk on the floor, shot in a 360 style view see photos 2 & 4.

Video contains 3rd and 1st person views. Duration: 22 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Giant Tyler Complete Set

  • Video License Details

    Purchase of this video is for personal use only.  Reposting, uploading or copying this video is prohibited.


    Download is a PDF file with the link for an MP4 video download.

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