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Giant Danny & Joey Extended Interview

The entire interview with Danny & Joey, here their unscripted answers to some macro questions.  Question list below.


Interview Questions:

Do you mind playing a giant?


If you had the ability to shrink someone, anyone would you do it?


If you were given the choice to either A be shrunk down to a cm tall, or B shrink your friend down to cm tall which would you choose?


If you were given the choice to either A swallow your friend whole, or B be swallowed by your friend whole which would you choose.


If a tiny person offered you $50 dollars to swallow them alive in real life, would you do it?


Would you mind it if a tiny person lived in your shoe?


If you were 300’ tall what would you do?


If you came home and found your friend shrunken, what would you do?


Same question but instead its someone you hate?


And last one, That suitcase over there has 1,000,000 dollars in it.  The first one who shrinks the other and end them, gets the money. (this answer is semi scripted)


Duration: 7:30 mins

Giant Danny & Joey Extended Interview

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