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Giant Austin Shrunken Housing Project

Austin is being interviewed because of his new housing project idea.  Using the newly discovered shrink ray technology he offer people a place to stay in his apartment.  Austin talks about how he has accidentally crushed 100 people.  There isn't a police force, he acts as law and order.  Small crimes are sent to jail (a used shoe) and for more serious crimes those who are guilty are swallowed alive.  


Austin decides to shrink the interviewer so that he can see what it like, but a phone call comes in and Austin has to step out, when he returns he has completely forgotten about the interviewer.


Includes vore, feet crushing, socks, shoes, barefeet.  Interview style dialog.  Special Effects, green screen little people

Video contains 1st & 3rd person views.  

Duration: 4:00 mins (+bonus clips)

Giant Austin Shrunken Housing Project

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    Download is a PDF file with the link for an MP4 video download.

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