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Eddys Revenge On His Bully

Eddy tracked down his bully and shrank him, enjoying the new found power he takes out his anger on his shrunken buddy taunting and stepping on him.  Then Eddy gets an idea, he decides to swallow him, he knows he'll survive but it will be pure tortue.  Eddy talks to him a bit while he's in his stomach, but soon Eddy doesn't feel so well.  Eddy goes to the bathroom to pass him out the other end (not shown, audio only) he fishes the unconscious bully out of the toilet putting him back on the floor.


He yells at him to wake up, and once he's up Eddy taunts him again removing his socks to crush him under his feet.


What to do with you.... Eddy thinks but then gets the idea to sit on him he picks the little bully up dropping him on a chair and he sits down to relax for the rest of the night.


Video contains aware, barefeet, sit crushing, vore, crushing, very verbal.


Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.  Mostly 1st person view.

Duration: 12:00 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Eddys Revenge On His Bully

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    Purchase of this video is for personal use only.  Reposting, uploading or copying this video is prohibited.


    Download is a PDF file with the link for an MP4 video download.

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