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Dylan's Tiny Roommate

Dylan has rented out a tiny lego house in his apartment for people who have shrunk.  He's not running a charity though, so when you don't pay the rent you don't get to stay in the luxgurious lego house anymore.  Instead you will live on the floor, and to make up for the money you owe, you may have to do some chores.  But its your job to stay out of his way, he isn't going to waste his time looking out for someone so tiny.  Will his tiny roommate survive?


Includes shoes, socks, barefeet, hand picking up, butt crush and vore.  All with real (green screened) shrunken guys.  Unaware and aware! Includes dialog.

Video contains 3rd person views, and some 1st person views.

Duration: 7 mins (plus bonus clips)

Dylan's Tiny Roommate

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