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Daniel & the Little People

Daniel sits down when he spots a little person on the floor, he picks them up.  Daniel asks where he came from, and the little guy points over to the corner of the room where the rest of his tiny friends are standing.  Daniel goes over and picks them up to gently bring them over to the counter.  They are too tiny for Daniel to be able to hear him, but he tells them they are free to stay.  As time passes accidents happen.


One day Daniel steps on one of them by accident right in front of another one of the little people.  He is so sorry insisting it was an accident.  He picks up the survivor and puts him in his hoodie pocket.  


Another day Daniel is on the phone not noticing there are a few of them in his shoe.  He puts it on without thinking and SQUISH.  He hangs up the phone and dumps them into his hand but its too late.


Later they are all watching a movie, several little people are on the couch next to him.  But one somehow ended up in the carrots Daniel is snacking on.  Distracted by the tv he pops the little person in his mouth.  He notices something's off, he pulls the little guy out of his mouth and glances over to see if the other little people noticed, they didn't.  Kind of interested by how the little guy had tasted, he popped the little guy back into his mouth and swallowed him.  The little guy yelled as he went down his throat.  He tasted amazing.  Daniel was hooked, he turned and picked up one of the guys on the couch and ate him too.  Then the next, and the next, now only one remained, he ran for it.  But at his size he couldn't out run Daniel.  He blocks his escape with his foot, then picks up the little guy.  He says sorry but little people just taste too good, and with that he drops him in his mouth and swallows the last little person.

Video contains shoes, socks, unaware, aware, audio effects, vore, crushing.



Video contains 1st and 3rd person views.


Duration: 7:20 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Daniel & the Little People

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