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Tiny Shrunken Roommates: The Giant Sleeps

Jack is laying down for a nap.  Now free from the shoe, Peter and Chris climb up on the bed to try again to get their giant roommates attention.  They decide to split up, whoever gets his attention can tell Jack about the other.  Both walk along the bed to get up towards his face, one climbs up on his legs and up to his mouth.  The other walks right behind his butt up toward his pillow.  Both end up getting brushed off the bed in Jack's sleep.


Tim runs into the room chasing after Jack, also trying to get his attention.  He also climbs on the bed crawling up on Jack's stomach.  But Jack again moves in his sleep sending Tim falling to the floor.


As Tim got up from the fall, Jack woke up stretching and standing up over Tim.  But as Jack bends down to pick up his phone from the floor he spots something, he picks Tim up lifting him to his face finally recognising his tiny shrunken roommate.


With Tim found, what will happen to Jack's roommates, will they ever be returned to normal size?  Stay tuned for Episode 4, the finale of Tiny Shrunken Roommates.


Video contains socks, audio effects, unaware, sleeping.


Video contains 1st person view, one quick third person clip.


Duration: 13:30 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Tiny Shrunken Roommates: The Giant Sleeps

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