Two Part Video


Colin Unaware Exploration:


Colin is taking a nap when you climb up onto the bed for a closer look you run up his foot and then down his leg.  Stopping on his chest, as he breaths the ground beneath you rises and falls.  But in his sleep he pushes you back with his hand.


He awakes spotting you but he mistakes you for a bug and he steps on you.


Alternate ending: He tries crushing you but then pushes you off the bed with his foot and walks over to step on you.

**Please note the acting is not the best, hence the lower price.


Video contains unaware & aware, socks, and is mostly silent.

Video contains 1st person views.


Colin Hands:


A collection of clips of Colin holding you in his hand, poking you a couple times.


Video contains handholding, and is mostly silent. Video contains 1st person views.




Total Run Time:
Duration: 5:55 mins

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Colin Unaware Exploration & Hand Holding

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