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Bunker's Snack

Bunker comes back to his room with his snack, to find his little pet is not where he left it.  He searches for a bit until he finally finds him hiding in the corner.  He picks him up and takes him over putting him on his lap while he enjoys his snack.  He chats with the little guy, for a bit then muses the idea of eating a tiny person like his little pet.  Bunker lifts him up to his mouth, but decides against it for now.  He teases eating the little guy a couple times until eventually he decides to swallow him whole.


Video contains aware, vore, verbal, and one VFX shot.  It is primarily verbal talking about the idea of vore.


Video contains 1st person view (with one 3rd person view at the end).


Duration: 15:20 mins

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Bunker's Snack

  • Video License Details

    Purchase of this video is for personal use only.  Reposting, uploading or copying this video is prohibited.


    Download is a PDF file with the link for an MP4 video download.

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