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Blake Shrinks & Eats Kyle

Blake shrinks Kyle down, walks over to him, towering over him he talks about how tiny and pathetic Kyle is.  He picks him up and teases him some more.  Then he offers the choice to be swallowed whole or chewed up.  He lists out the pros and cons and eventually Kyle begrudgingly chooses swallowed alive.  Blake puts him in his mouth, moving him around and still talking about how pathetic and tiny Kyle is.  Finally he swallows him.  Blake talks to his stomach while Kyle gets digested.  Eventually Blake doesn't feel Kyle moving anymore.


Video contains mouthplay, and vore, audio effects, verbal.

Video contains 1st & 3rd person views.

Duration: 12:15 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

Blake Shrinks & Eats Kyle

  • Video License Details

    Purchase of this video is for personal use only.  Reposting, uploading or copying this video is prohibited.


    Download is a PDF file with the link for an MP4 video download.

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