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Austin & The Shrunken Car

Austin finds a shrunken car, he can't believe how tiny it is, comparing how small it is to his body parts.  He takes the tiny car and puts it in his shoe, he can barely feel the tiny car in his shoe when he puts it back on.  But that isn't enough fun for him, he pulls the car out to crush it with his barefeet.  He sets the toy sized car on the table while he moves it around with his barefeet.  Sticking the tiny car between his big toes.  Eventually he manages to get the tiny driver out of the car to crush under his massive feet.  


The clip ends with him shoving the tiny guy into the tread of his shoe before he goes for a run.


Includes shoes, socks, and barefeet.  Lots of talking about how small and worthless the tiny man and car are compared to him, his hand and his feet.  Very laid back and chill.

Video contains 3rd and 1st person views.  

Duration: 15 mins (+bonus clips)

Austin & The Shrunken Car

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