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Alex Steps On You

Alex comes home to find a shrunken guy on his floor, after spotting him he repeatedly steps on him with shoes, socks and barefeet.  Alex could never imagine a persons being that tiny.  He steps on the tiny guy repeatedly first with his shoes, amused when the tiny guy gets stuck in the tread of his shoe.  He takes off his shoes to step on the guy with his socks, talking about how his feet smell.  Eventually he decides to step on the little guy with his barefeet.  When he leaves he takes the little guy with him in his shoe to enjoy crushing him more. "Feeling my whole body weight on you." 


For those who have purchase ...Steps On You videos before, this one has a lot more talking.


Video contains 3rd and 1st person views.


Duration: 16:00 (+ bonus clips)

Alex Steps On You

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