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A Shrunken Vacation ft. Carter

You are roommates with Carter, after working hard you finally have a vacation day, and you know exactly how you want to spend it.  You make food for Carter and then leave.  As soon as you're outside the door you pull out your shrink remote and shrink down.  Soon Carter comes out, standing over you he looks to see who's at the door, seeing no one he looks down seeing the remote but you're too small to see.  He picks up the remote and brings it into the apartment.  


You climb down and over to your giant roommate's feet at the bed, he heads to the bathroom and you climb up on the bed.  When he comes back you jump into his hair.  You repel down the side of his head, while he watches tv.  For safety you place a sleep bomb in his ear, just in case you need it later.  You then climb down to his Nike Air shoes.  He takes off his shoes and you jump into his toes.  But he decides to go for a walk. He doesn't notice you as he puts his socks on trapping you in with his foot as he goes for a walk.  


20 Mins later he takes off his shoes as he continues to work out in the apartment.  You get un wedged from his toes and make your way to his armpit.  You climb up on his chest and then up to his chin for a closer look. His breath is warm on your face so you climb back down, but get tangled in his armpit again.


He gets up to get the food you left for him, and he sits back down on the bed to watch tv.  You manage to get untangled from his armpit and decide to take a little dip in his food.  You make your way down into the food and wait for him to unknowingly scoop you up and swallow you.  After several bits you finally get your chance getting swallowed with a chunk of brownie.  


After you've had your fun in your stomach you get turned up and forced back up his throat to his mouth.  But now he feels you, he sticks out his tongue and picks you up bringing you to his eye.  


Boom, you trigger the bomb and he passes out.  You don't have much time left.  You run back to the remote returning to normal size just as Carter noods awake.  He tells you he had a dream you were tiny, but shrugs it off.


Video contains feet, socks, shoes, vore, food, unaware.  (Your voice is done via subtitles)


Video contains 1st & 3rd person views.


Duration: 24:15 mins (+bonus clips)

This is for your own viewing enjoyment, please do not post elsewhere.

A Shrunken Vacation ft. Carter

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